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2014 Spoke-N-Cross Cyclocross Race Series

Spoke-N-Cross 2013
2014 Spoke-N-Sport Cyclocross
w/ Queen City Cycling
Sherman Playground Cross - Non-Sanctioned
Septermber 13th, Sunday - Upper Sherman Park, W. 22nd St & Kiwanis Ave
Race registration must be done 24 hours before the race
No registration at the park.
Number pick up starts at 11:15 am
'B' Race at Noon (30 Minutes)
'A' Race at 1:20 pm (45 Minutes)
Cost: $10
Elmwood Forest Cross - Sanctioned
October 25th and 26th - Elmwood Park W. Bailey St. & N. Kiwanis Ave
Saturday and Sunday Schedule
11:00 am till 12 noon:  Number pick up
Strider Races (Saturday Only):  Four Races: 2 & under, 3 year old, 4 year old, and 5 year old
State Cyclocross Championship - Sanctioned
November 8th - Tuthill Park 3500 S. Cliff Ave.
11:00 am till 12 noon:  Number pick up
Race Schedule (opens Oct 1)
Registration (opens Oct 1)

Severe Weather:  We will be keeping our eyes on the weather.  If the event needs to be canceled we will post it on Facebook, and Twitter.  We will also shoot out a mass email to those that are registered.

Volunteers:  We are looking for volunteers to help with registration, counting laps, and setup.  Please call 605-275-2453 and talk to Owen about volunteering or go HERE.


Why Cyclocross in Sioux Falls?

We want cycling to continue year round or at least as year round as possible. This is just one more way to enjoy cycling.

What kind of bike do i need?

You can ride any bike in this race. Mountain bikes and hybrid bikes are welcome. If your kids have BMX bikes, those are welcome too. We want this to be for everyone.

What race should I be in?

If you have a cyclocross bike then odds are you should be in the "A" race. If you can go out and ride 30-50 miles on a weekend and have fun doing it then you should be in the "A" race. If you are new to cycling or riding offroad, give the "B" race a try. If you like it, do the "A" race next year.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Yes you do. We know you are a good rider but we aren't so sure about the guy next to you. You look better in a helmet.

What if I can't keep riding after 10 minutes?

Stop. You tried harder than the 164,957 citizens that didn't come out and try. It's about the fun. If you aren't having fun. Find another way to have fun. I suggest yelling and encouraging the other riders on the course.

Additional Info:

Introduction to Cyclocross [link]

Cyclocross Skills 101 [link]







September 13th Results

'B' Race:

  1. Molly Oien
  2. Jackson Sunde
  3. Steve Wessels
  4. Nate Merrill
  5. John Gruber
  6. Wess Hall
  7. Chris Henley
  8. Kurt Griffin
  9. Jaron Dewitt
  10. Chad Pickard
  11. April Wessels
  12. Bryan Ellerbroek

'A' Race:

  1. Jeff Kluck
  2. Peter Oien
  3. Mark Lavin
  4. Chris Hill
  5. Ryan Stengel
  6. Ken Pike
  7. Patrick Lalley
  8. Lance Moran
  9. Dan Rhoads
  10. Jesse Bader
  11. Russell Halvorson
  12. Suzie Goebel

October 25th and 26th Race Results

November 8th Race Results

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