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Name: Andy

Favorite Bike:  Salsa Chili Con Crosso

Favorite Biking Story:   I don't know if this is my FAVORITE story, however, it is the most interesting one that I have. I completed the Almanzo 100 in Spring Valley, MN. I basically tortured myself for 9 hours in the BEST way possible....on the bike!

Why do you like to bike:   It's the fastest way to get around without a motor! I enjoy being able to commute and be in nature at the same time.




Name: Chad

Favorite Bike:  Right now it would be my Cannondale Flash Carbon's really light.

Favorite Biking Story:  I've been fortunate to be in the right place at the right time on many occasions.  However the best would have to be when I got to ride in the Healthnet Team car for a road race in Mankato, MN.  The race was part of the Nature Valley Grand Prix.  Healthnet was performing very well which put the team car right up front with all the race action.  What a great experience.

Why do you like to bike:   For me biking is a way to unplug.  It is a huge stress releiver as well as a way to socialize with friends.  I hate biking alone. 




Name: Owen

Favorite Bike:  I like the one I'm on when you ask. If I have to name one it would be our Cannondale mountain tandem

Favorite Biking Story:  It was late fall. Trying to squeeze in one more good ride I headed north into the wind. I could see a storm coming my way but I wanted to get as far as I could before I got hit. A massive bank of clouds was racing toward me as I pushed to meet it on my terms. I could hear large raindrops hitting dried leaves of corn lying in the fields next to the road before I felt them. A couple more miles. I can feel the rain now and it’s cold but I’m hot from pushing forward. I get to a far hilltop before common sense slaps me hard enough to turn me around.

It raining hard now, big drops have turned to sheets of rain. And as I turned my back to the wind I’m Laird Hamilton paddling to catch a big wave. Quickly I catch the wave of wind and water. I’m flying and to my delusional surprise a few cars manage to pass me. Each with wide-eyed kids and frightened parents who seemed to be telling their children not to look directly at the crazy guy on the bike.

As daylight fades I’m washed onto my driveway and into the garage. I pull myself from the bike and slump onto a stool in a dark corner of the garage. After a few minutes Jan opens the door to the garage, unaware that I’d gotten home. Looking across the garage at a cold wet lump on the stool she simply asked, “How far did you go?” Not expecting an answer she returns to her business.

I didn’t have a good answer. I’d gone as far as daylight and a modicum of sense allowed but it was all over too quickly.


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Name: Jamie

Favorite Bike:  One of my favorite stories is when I got to go to Austin, Texas to ride in the Ride for the Roses. There we got to ride with Lance Armstrong and meet Robin Williams and just hang out with alot of really cool people from all over the world.

Why do you like to bike:  Biking is a great form of exercise and stress reliever for me. It also a great way to meet great friends and see incredible things that you don't get to see from a car.


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Name: Kirk

Favorite Bike:  Surly Troll

Favorite Biking Story:  I was one of those parents that put helmets on my kids, but didn't think much about it for myself. After a few rides with the kids on the bike trail one of the kids asked me a question at the beginnig of the ride. "Dad, where's your helmet?"  That got me to think about it, and also notice that quite a few people wear them. Since then, I wear one and it's helped me come out of a crash or two with a cracked helmet instead of a cracked skull!

Why do you like to bike:  I like biking for the people I have met and become friends with. It's also great for exercise. Most of all, I like to leave my car parked and ride a bike as much as possible.


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Name: Peter

Favorite Bike:  Giant TCR Advanced

Favorite Biking Story:  Cycling provides many special moments for me; the most memorable moment that occurs to me happened during the time I spent living in Colorado. A friend and I decided to cycle the Trail Ridge Highway through Rocky Mountain National Park from Grand Lake to Estes Park crossing the continental divide and one large mountain pass. (topping out at 12000'). After climbing for most of the morning, we crested the top of the mountains and began our descent to Estes Park for lunch. The pavement of the road had been laid just days before; the road surface was so new that the lines and markings had yet to be painted. It was the most pristine asphalt that I have ever encountered. For 36 miles we were able to fly down the mountain at speeds up to 60 mph. That sensation (as well as passing cars in the corners) was one of the most sublime feelings I have ever had.

Why do you like to bike:   For me, cycling is not only a healthful activity for body, but the mind as well. When on the bicycle, thoughts and ideas are more clear and better articulated. Additionally, cycling provides an arena for testing myself; both against my personal limits as well as the strength of others. Racing is an excellent outlet for feelings that are best not expressed in words or everyday actions.


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Name: Alonzo

Favorite Bike:  Felt F24

Why do you like biking:  I like biking because it is an environmentally friendly way to get around.  I also like that when you bike you're not separated from the world around you by some glass and a steel box.



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