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Sioux Falls Crit Series  
Sioux Falls Criterium Series
powered by Spoke-N-Sport
  • Wednesday May 21 @ 6:00 pm
  • Friday June 27 @ 6:00 pm (Sanctioned Registration:
  • Wednesday July 23 @6:00 pm
  • Saturday Aug 30 @ 6:00 pm

6:00 pm:   Pickup numbers and sign in.  Race registration MUST be done online 24 hours before the race.

'B' Race

Start time: 6:30 pm

Riders: Beginner Men and Women

Length: 30 minutes

'A' Race

Start time: 7:20 pm

Riders: Men Cat 1/2/3/4 Women 1/2/3

Length: 45 minutes

Racers will complete as many laps as time allows.




Why a Crit in Sioux Falls?

We want cycling to continue year round or at least as year round as possible. This is just one more way to enjoy cycling.

What kind of bike do i need?

You can ride any bike in this race. A road bike is ideal but if all you have is a mountainbike or hybrid...well...that will work.  Due to the nature of the racing in groups, tri bikes and aero bars are not allowed.

What race should I be in?

If you have a road bike and every road ride is a race back home then odds are you should be in the "A" race. If you can go out and ride 30-50 miles on a weekend and have fun doing it then you should be in the "A" race. If you are new to cycling or riding with a group, give the "B" race a try. If you like it, do the "A" race next month.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Yes you do. We know you are a good rider but we aren't so sure about the guy next to you. You look better in a helmet.

What if I can't keep riding after 10 minutes?

Stop. You tried harder than the 164,957 citizens that didn't come out and try. It's about the fun. If you aren't having fun. Find another way to have fun. I suggest yelling and encouraging the other riders on the course.

What is a PRIME?

Prizes (called primes, pronounced "preems", and are usually cash) for winning specific intermediate laps (for instance, every 10th lap). A bell is usually rung to announce to the riders that whoever wins the next lap, wins the prime.

What is SCHWAG?

Schwag is a bunch of cool stuff from shirts and hats to components and tires.  We have some great sponsors this year that are helping us make this happen.  We would like to thank: SRAM, Giant, Continental, Shimano and Cannondale.  We would like to thank our local sponsors as well: Pickle Barrel and Coffea Roasterie. 





Additional Info:

What is a Crit Race [Wiki]




May 21st Crit Results

A Race

  1. Peter Oien
  2. Jeff Kluck
  3. Ryan Waterfall
  4. Ken Pike
  5. Jeff Kalo
  6. Dean Kusler
  7. Eric Hoffman
  8. Chris Hill
  9. Bob Greig
  10. Lance Moran
  11. Eric Tudor
  12. Greg Gleason
  13. Suzie Goebel
  14. Troy Erlandson
  15. Ben Cork
  16. Patrick Lalley
  17. Dustin Bakker


Prem: Dean Kusler

Prem: Eric Tudor

B Race

  1. Ryan Stengel
  2. Brad Blomberg
  3. Cooper Beirscheid
  4. Dan Jones
  5. Shane Scholten
  6. Bob Solomon
  7. Pete Jaros
  8. Clint Waara
  9. Adam Shafer
  10. Don Cork
  11. Amy Bates
  12. Matt Howard
  13. Ryan Eason

Prem: Shane Scholten

July 23rd Crit Results

A Race:

  1. Peter Oien
  2. Cody McCullough
  3. Jeff Kluck
  4. Chris Hill
  5. Mark Lavin
  6. Jason Engle
  7. Ken Pike
  8. Jeff Kalo
  9. Eric Hoffman
  10. Greg Gleason
  11. Suzie Goebel
  12. Dustin Bakker


DNF _ Bob Greigg



Chris Hill

Jason Engle


B Race:

  1. Daniel Jones
  2. Nate Merril
  3. Brad Blomberg
  4. Ryan Stengel
  5. Troy Erlandson
  6. Shane Scholten
  7. Matt Howard
  8. Amy Bates
  9. Ken Kreger
  10. Steve Wessels
  11. Tom Rentschler
  12. Scott Christiansen
  13. Ryan Eason
  14. Gene Schaffer
  15. Chad Pichard
  16. Chris Bates
  17. Jeff Christiansen
  18. Rob Meador



David Ulschmid

Ben Blomberg


Preem: David Ulschmid

August 30th Crit Results

'A' race

Peter Oien
Cody McCullough
Chris Hill
Robert Greigg
PREEM: Chris Hill

'B' race
Troy Erlandson
Brett Bastian
David Ulschmid
Eric Bannwarth
Karl Kreutzmann
Eric Rasmussen
Matt Howard
Scott Christensen
Steve Wessels
Gene Schaffer
April Wessels
Tom Rentschler
Eric Vanderlee

PREEM: David Ulschmid

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