High Modulus Carbon Fiber Frame:  This material offers improved stiffness, better vibration damping, excellent toughness and weight savings compared to other materials.

Salsa Fatbike Geometry:  The geometry used across our entire fatbike line has remained basically unchanged since developing the Beargrease Carbon back in 2012.  We've adapted it to all our fatbike models because it works extremely well in all conditions and use cases, whether it be riding groomed singletrack at your local trail, exploring a deserted beach, or embarking across the wild frozen expanses of Alaska in the ITI race.  At it's core, we use the shortest chainstay possible in conjunction with the headtube angle and fork offset that place the rider's center of gravity further over the rear wheel.  This location and combination of front and rear center is key to getting a fatbike that is stable, steers, well in loose conditions, and still also feels nimble and agile despite the massive wheels and tires.  For 2018, all models, regardless of 4" or 5" tire size, feature 440mm or shorter chainstay lengths!  A low bottom bracket height is also key, to keep the rider's center of gravity low, and to make dabbing and dismounting easier.

Bearpaw Carbon Fork:  Features a 150 mm thru-axle that boosts stiffness and improves steering precision.  The fork also features are Three-Pack mounts for mounting anything cages or water bottle cages.

Alternator Dropouts V2.0:  Mukluk Carbon is spec'd with a two position fixed plate, with the first of the two positions allowing room for a 4.7mm tire on a 70 mm rim while keeping a chainstay length of 432 mm.  The second position sets the wheel a little further back giving you options for larger tire/rim combinations.  Adjustable plates are available aftermarket for singlespeed setup or finer adjustments.

197 x 12 mm Symmetrical Rear Spacing:  Results in a strong rear wheel and frame; maintains proper chainline with crankset.

Rear Wheel and Tire Options:  Mukluk Carbon is designed for use with up to 26" x 4.8" fatbike tires on rims up to 100 mm wide.  The frame is also capable with the following wheel and tire combinations:  29" x 2.25" - 3", 27.5" x 3.0" - 4.0".

Front Fork Wheel and Tire Options:  The fork included with this frame works with the following wheel and tire combinations: 26" x 3.8" - 4.8" on up to a 100 mm rim, 29" x 2.25" - 3.0", 27.5" x 3.0" - 4.0".

100 mm Threaded Bottom Bracket:  Provides the widest number of crankset and Q-factor choices while providing the correct chainline.

Dropper Post Compatible:  Frame accommodates internal routing for a dropper post.

1x and 2x Drivetrain Compatible: This frame is compatible with both 1x and 2x drivetrain setups.  A removable direct mount front derailleur bracket allows for clean 1x build.

Full-Length Internal Housing Cable Routing:  Full-length housing improves shifting performance in poor conditions and increases use time between maintenance intervals.

Multiple Bottle Cages:  Accepts 3 bottles per frame.

Rear Rack Compatible:  Mukluk Carbon accepts our alternator 190 Rack with the addition of a Salsa Rack-Lock seat collar.