Schedule 3D Bike Fit

Thank you for your interest in having a 3D bike fit.  When trying to schedule a time keep in mind that typically fits run about 2 hours with tri bike fits running about 30 minutes longer.  You will want to schedule a time where you have up to 3 hours available. 

On the day of your fit you will want to make sure you have the following gear with you.

  • Bike (in working order)
  • Cycling shoes
  • Cycling shorts
  • Gloves
  • Jersey (sleeveless is preferred)
  • Water bottle 

If time permits, take a 10 to 20 mile ride before your fitting.  Take note of any issues that you have.  These issues me be things like discomfort durinng or after the ride.

Contact Information

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Comfort and Injury Status

What would you like to accomplish with this fit? Faster, stronger, increase comfort?
Please be specific as to where on your body and when it occurs. Long rides, short rides, 1 hour into a ride etc. Please include post ride pain as well.


Please fill in all three options for scheduling. Fitting takes about 2 hours to complete. We are fairly flexible with times. We don't do fittings on Sunday and try to schedule as many fits on weekdays as possible. During the months of Dec - Mar we do not do fittings on Tues and Thurs night or Saturday morning due to trainer sessions.
Date and time that you are available for a fit.
Date and time that you are available for a fit.
Date and time that you are available for a fit.

Bike Equipment

Knowing the equipment you have will give us an idea of the adjust-ability available to us
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A new fit is so much more enjoyable with a bike that works perfectly. Now might be the time to schedule some service.